Friday, May 29, 2009

heading out

Woke up at 4am. I think I had just gotten to sleep, too, so that was sad haha. Left the house about 4.45 (perfect), got to the airport at 5.45, checked in -- they freakin' charged me to check a bag! WTF? I guess I have just avoided airlines that charge you to check ONE bag. That really made me mad. It's unfortunate that I cannot pack 3 months of life into a carry on. Screw you, United.

The security was really fun, actually. Usually it's my least favorite part (I always get searched somehow, and the people are generally in bad moods...), but today it was awesome. The people were so friendly! And considerate. Of course I got searched, or rather, my bag did, because I stuff it so full of cameras and other goodies that they can't see inside the bag. But I need all that :) Also, thank goodness by skateboard trucks got through. I was quite worried about those, honestly. Afraid they would be deemed a weapon or something...ugh. They're just my mode of transportation!

K, well, I'm going to bet O'Hare doesn't have free wireless like Indy (I love the Indianapolis Airport), so I probably won't have a real update till sometime later this afternoon, after I'm all settled back in at Karen's. I'll update my twitter via phone though, if you're interested.

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