Monday, May 25, 2009

because I feel like it?

I love taking surveys. So, here is a lot of information you probably didn't want to know about me, all in one place! I will probably do one or two of these a week - awesome conversation topics, you know. Plus, Facebook notes contain a wealth of them, so I should never run out of questions to answer. : )

Name: Maria Ilyusha Schwartzman
Birth Date: 28 November 1987
Current Location: Columbus, IN
Hair Color: Brown, with some blond
Righty/Lefty: Bothy. I write right-handed and do almost everything else left-handed. I'm also both footed (soccer).

Your fear: I have a big fear of being alone forever, and/or losing the people I love.
Your dream of the perfect date: This is actually pretty hard. I like being able to talk a lot, so probably going to a coffee shop or something. Or taking a walk somewhere. The beach is always good, as are parks and woods, etc. I like outdoors-related things.
Your best friend: I have several, and I think they know who they are.

Your thoughts first waking up: I looked at my watch and wished it wasn't so late
Your best physical feature: I really don't know, but I like my eyes because they change color.
Your bed time: During the school year I go to bed around 10.30. In the summer during down time it could be whenever, usually closer to 1. During work it's 9.30. I get up super early then, 5.30.
Your most missed memory: There are quite a few. : )

Pepsi or Coke: I don't drink soda
McDonald's or Burger King: I don't usually eat fast food, but if I had to I'd pick McDonald's
Single or Group Dates: I think I prefer single dates, but groups are fun too
Adidas or Nike: Well, neither fit me.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate hands down.
Cappuccino or Coffee: Neither.

Smoke: No
Cuss: Yes
Take showers: Yes
Have a crush: Yes lol...there is almost never a time when I don't have a crush : )
Like(d) school: I adore school
Believe in yourself: Sure
Believe what goes around comes around: Usually. Karma has its ways of working out
Believe everything happens for a reason: Yeah
Think you're a health freak: Not a freak per se, but I love running and soccer and I generally eat very well.

Gone to the mall: Yes
Been on stage: Unfortunately no
Eaten sushi: Wait, no! I will this week though
Been hurt: Yes
Dyed your hair: No

Played a stripping game: I might have
Got beaten up: No
Changed who you were to fit in: A little bit, I think, but it was what I wanted

Age you're hoping to be married by: I'd like to be married between 25-27.
Number of kids you're planning on having: I don't really want kids but everyone tells me I'll change my mind. We'll see. I think it depends a lot on who I'm with and what's going on in my life. There's a lot I want to do that kids are not condusive to.

Best eye color: I'm a sucker for blue and green, but I like all colors
Best hair color: I'm a sucker for black, but very honestly it doesn't matter. I also really like blond.
Short or long hair: It depends on the person. I usually like short hair, but sometimes I dig the shaggy look too
Fat or fit: Fit. My favorites are skinny guys.
Looks or personality: Personality is very important, but I should also be physically attracted to the person.
Fun or serious: Fun, but should know when to be serious.

1 MINUTE AGO: Filling out this survey, talking on AIM, checking Twitter, etc.
1 HOUR AGO: Deciding to stop cleaning the basement
1 WEEK AGO: I think I was sleeping
1 YEAR AGO: Being incredibly excited to be leaving for California in a couple days.

I FEEL: Hopeful
I HATE: Leaving when good things might be happening
I HIDE: A lot of thoughts from people
I NEED: To be wanted
I LOVE: My friends

What is a food that you'd hate to be allergic to?: Chocolate and Asian foods. 

What color was the last towel you used?: I think it was green.

Would you prefer to date someone taller, shorter, or the same height as you? Taller or the same height.

When was the last time your nose bled? It bleeds randomly in the winter sometimes. 

How old are you turning this year?: 22. Holy.

What is your favorite thing to snack on while watching a movie?: I am quite fond of Kettle corn 

Swimming pool or hot tub?: Depends on a lot of things. I do really like hot tubs.

Can you swim well?: I have been told I have an excellent breast stroke, but I am terrible at the other strokes. But my breast stroke gets me by pretty well

What body part do you wash first in the shower?: Hair always goes first, then stomach.

Who would you allow to read your thoughts for one day?: I suppose whoever wanted to. They might be pretty shocked though lol

What kind of first impression do you think you make? It depends on the person and my mood. I vary from fading into the background to talking a lot.

Name your last reason for using a camera? I never need a reason to use a camera! But the last picture I took was of Mary and me at the airport.

Where was the last place you fell asleep other than your bed? At Nathan's, in the basement, on my air mattress.

What are you excited about? Seeing good friends tomorrow

Seven days from now, will you be in a relationship? That would be kind of awesome, but is highly improbable

Are you a happy person? Generally yes

When was the last time you laughed really hard & why? I don't remember. That's probably bad. It was probably at Nathan's though, with everyone. Or at school before the year ended.

What are you wearing? Jeans and a tank top

What do you want? Happiness is usually a good answer here : )

Did you enjoy your weekend? Yes

Do you regret anything you've done recently? No

Is there anybody you wish you could see? Yes, so many people

Have you ever kissed anyone with a name that starts with J or M? Haha, yes.

How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust? 7.

Do you think you’ll be married in 10 years? I really hope so.

What makes you mad most about girls? About girls? They are complicated. Guys are more open I think.

Have you ever been given roses? Yes, several times actually

Do you even like getting flowers? I love getting flowers

What's your favorite flowers? Roses, carnations, tulips, lillies, lavendar, and the list goes on. I like all flowers really.

Will you be in a relationship 4 months from now?: I hope so. That would be a nice change lol.

Does it bother you when your friends bring up your past mistakes? Yes. I already felt bad about it once, what more do you want me to do?

Could you go out in public looking like you do now? Yes but I wouldn't be happy about it

Can you be your complete self around the person you like? I would hope so

Whose the first person you texted today? Uh...I think it was Andrew

Would you move to another state to be with the person you loved? It depends

Do you ever get a text saying good morning? Not usually

Last movie you watched and who did you watch it with? The Gamers with Nathan, Mary, D

What are you doing tomorrow? Seeing Amanda and Dan and probably hanging with my family since it's a holidy

How's the weather today? It was cloudy but not bad

Where is the person you need most right now? I don't know. I might not know them yet.

What color are your eyes? Green, but they change depending on my mood.

Do you like poptarts? The Smores kind, yes. But only if I am in a hurry and don't have time for a real breakfast, like waffles or pancakes.

Where will you be 12 hours from now? Probably in Bloomington

Is it easy for others to make you feel intimidated? Sometimes

Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow? Jeans and a nice shirt

Where's your girlfriend/boyfriend at? I don't have a boyfriend.

Are you on a desktop or laptop? Laptop

Does anyone hate you for no reason? I hope not

Can you make yourself cry? Yeah, especially right now

Play an instrument? Yes

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance? Maybe

What are your favorite colors? I love black. And blue and green.

Where did you get the underwear you are wearing right now? From the store lol

Have you ever kissed someone whose name starts with an R? No

Have you ever passed out? Yep

Are you easily confused? Not really

Do you think you would make a good wife/husband? I would make an awesome wife

What's your favorite kind of ice cream? Edy's double chocolate fudge. I also like their Colts ice cream.

Do you like coffee? No

Do you like summer? Yes

Is your current hair color mostly your natural hair color? Mostly

What color are your socks? I rarely wear socks in the summer unless I'm running

Where were you at 8am this morning? Sleeping

Do you fall for people easily? For sure, easily and hard

Have you ever dated someone more than once? No, but I've considered it

Last thing you got in the mail? Keys to my condo this summer

What is your current crave? Nothing

What color nail polish is on your toes? I have French tips

Do you find members of the preferred sex confusing? Yes

What are you listening to right now? Nothing

How has the week been so far? Up and down

Is there something you wish you could tell someone but can't? Of course

What are your biggest turn offs? Not being social, not being able to spell, smoking, several more but there are really too many to list

Favorite shirt to wear? I like this black tank top that's cute

Favorite drink? Water and chocolate soy milk

Last person to say 'I love you' to you? My mom and dad

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again? No

What's your favorite color gummy bear? I like them all

What is the nicest part of the opposite sex's body? Eyes, smile, abs, calves

Have you ever run into a dishwasher? Yes. It's on the corner of the kitchen counter thing

Ever had a song sung about/for you? Yes. I've had a song written specifically for me, actually.

Is there a baby in the room with you right now? No thank god

Do you know how to dance? Sure

Where do you sing the most, in the car, the shower or other? Anytime there is music on and I know the words I am singing

What is your favorite thing that is green? Trees

What did your last text message say? One that I received -- "On Ihthef if huyoo". Yeah, the person who sent it was not sober.

What is the way to your heart? Be yourself. Care about what I'm saying and listen. Do the little things because they matter a lot.

What do you smell like? Probably like my soap or shampoo.

What's in your pocket? My phone, my pocketknife, and a bunch of bobby pins

Anything in your mouth? Nope

Ever hurt yourself playing Wii? Haha, no

Do you have freckles? A couple come out in the sun

How many languages can you say "Hello" in? At least 6, but probably more.

What's the last movie you saw in the theater? STAR TREK <3

Ever jumped/fallen/been pushed in a pool with your clothes on? No, but I really want to be thrown in a pool sometime. When I don't have anything in my pockets, of course.

Are you wearing any clothes that you wore yesterday? Yes, the jeans

Name a song that you know all the words to: October 16 by Faulter. I know all the words to hundreds and hundreds of songs; this is just the one that's on my mind right now.

What's the last thing you watched on TV? The Cleveland/Orlando NBA game

What's the last video game you played? I can't remember. Likely DDR or Smash Bros.

Can you do the alphabet in sign language? Yes

Do you wear glasses? Yes, unfortunately.

Did you feel better or worse or the same yesterday? Better

What was your favorite childhood show? I loved the Jetsons. Showing my geek side early.

Are you close to your siblings? Yes

Do you bite your nails? Yes

Do you like your feet? Sure

Do you sleep well at night? It depends

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