Tuesday, January 12, 2010

something i found while cleaning

While cleaning up my room I ran across an old notebook and decided to flip through it. I found a couple of pages I wrote on February 4, 2006 entitled "Things to keep in mind". I figured I'd rewrite it here so I don't have to re-find this book later. I don't think I necessarily agree with everything my high school self tells me to do (and I definitely don't do all of these things, although there are some I should) but there are some things I would like to remember.

Things to keep in mind
Never forget what it is like to be a kid
- Think the same
- Wonder the same
- Find magic in everything
- Take time to play
- Eat candy, watch cartoons
- Dress like you did in High School
Always keep a journal + write everyday
Burn candles
Watch movies
Write with a quill or nib pen
Stay organized
Keep a clean house
Drink tea
Tell them you love them
Take pictures
Scrapbook right away
Get good deals, clearance, sales
Play sudoku, crosswords, mindgames (Mensa)
Build snowmen + have snowball fights
Visit all the states + many countries
Write real letters + send them
Send cards
Things to do with my kids:
- Sing Elton John's "Blessed" to them every day while pregnant
- Get them educational toys
- Teach to read by age 2
- Do science projects
- Encourage creativity
- Teach to cook
- Do chores
- Go on lots of vacations
- Read to them every night
- Eat healthy
- Bike rides
- Soccer
- Visit with grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc a lot
- Tell them stories
- Build traditions
- Drama, music
- Computers
- Torpedoes
- Children's Museum
- board games
- Kentucky Derby
Have lots of plants
Buy in bulk
Stay in touch with friends
Word hard, but play harder
Play video games
Take home videos
Enjoy every day
No regrets - ever