Tuesday, March 9, 2010

well, i got in somewhere!

Today I received, in a tiny envelope, my acceptance to IUPUI's Museum Studies program. Thank god I finally got in somewhere! However, here are some thoughts on this new development:

- They're not giving me any sort of scholarship or graduate assistantship or anything, and I won't get anything from the FAFSA. This is the breakdown they give of the 09-10 academic year for an Indiana resident graduate student:
Tuition and Fees $4,900.00
Books and Supplies $448.00
Room and Board $11,296.00
Transportation $5,088.00
Personal $3,872.00
Total $25,604.00

So, yeah, not exactly cheap. It actually is likely that going somewhere out of state could potentially be cheaper. That's another 50,000$ for school...wow.

- I've lived in Indiana my whole life and a little bit of wanting to go to grad school is to get out and see more of the country. I love to travel and see new things, and I am terrified of getting stuck here. Not that Indiana is a bad place to live (I do like it here spring through fall, and I desperately miss my cornfields and open spaces when I live in a big city too long) but it's so familiar and flat and although I haven't nearly explored it as much as I would like, I'd like to go see something else for a while. That said, living in Indy would allow me to still be around lots of DePauw and high school friends still in school, still be close to my parents and super close to my brother at Butler, and still be so very familiar.

- I don't even know if I want to do museum studies anymore, although actually IUPUI's program would probably fit me pretty well. I will really have to think about this, especially if I don't hear back from other schools soon.

- The deadline to tell them if I'm coming is April 15. This is NOT ENOUGH TIME. I haven't even heard back from 5 schools yet, and I'm wanting to apply to other programs too. I don't know what to do at all.

Let's hope I hear back from other schools really, really soon so I can make a better decision and hopefully be more informed.

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  1. First off, congratulations! I hope you feel some relief in getting an acceptance letter, and that you'll be able to clear your mind and think through your options. I think most grad schools set the deadline for acceptance at April 15, and agree that April 1 is the latest they can wait to give you an answer. Maybe it would help to contact IUPUI and talk to grad students in the program. See what it's like, and what their career plans are.