Tuesday, October 27, 2009

lies, lies, tell me sweet little lies

So I totally didn't update like I said I would. Lame and sorry. For one we only had easily-accessible internet in the Outer Banks and for two I was having way too much fun to bother with being on the computer. Mostly I used it to check my email like once or twice a day and that was pretty much it.

In any case, I had a fantastic time. I think it was my favorite break yet, and I've had some pretty good breaks... (no offense to anyone on the other breaks :) ) We saw a lot, did a lot, etc. Very fun. I wish I was still in NC, though.

Nowadays I'm figuring out grad school stuff. I'm taking the GRE on Friday...wish me luck? I'll need it. I haven't studied for it at all yet so it's probably going to rock me. The problem is I haven't really figured out what I want to do with myself. I am definitely going to go to grad school (I don't think my score will be bad enough that I won't get in anywhere), I just don't know where or for what.

Here are the ideas I have right now. I may very well just end up applying to all sorts of crazy places and see what happens.
- American History/US Civilization
- Architecture
- Environmental Design
- Higher Education studies/etc
- Environmental Studies
- Natural Resources and Conservation
- Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies
- Museum Studies
- Historic Preservation and Conservation

All of these things have something to do with either history, being outside, nature, or education. Another thought is that I go get my teaching license/degree/whatever it ends up being. I wanted to be a high school history teacher for years...

As for where to go, here are the ideas for that. I want to live somewhere I haven't lived yet because I like exploring. I halfway want to live somewhere warmer, but I know I would miss fall and winter. I'm also absolutely terrified of starting all over again somewhere new, where I might not know anyone and be really far from home, but I'm hoping that I'll get past that as I always have. I also have to think about how much it'll cost to go there, so I really need to figure out somewhere that gives paying opportunities to master's candidates (I don't really think I want to go PhD anymore, but of course that could change).
- Oregon (somewhere where it's not rainy/cloudy all the time)
- Washington (not Seattle or anywhere rainy/cloudy all the time)
- California (San Diego)
- Indiana
- Maryland
- Pennsylvania
- Virginia
- West Viriginia
- North Carolina
- South Carolina
- Maine

Nothing is really tying me to Indiana/the midwest right now except maybe finances. So much can change within the next year, though, you know? I don't even know what's going to happen tomorrow, let alone next August. I hate having to make decisions so far in advance.

Here's a question just out of curiosity -- what do you see me doing, and where? (don't limit yourself to what I listed above)

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  1. Hmm...I guess I see you running barefoot on a beach, lol! If you like history, Boston would be a great place (albeit expensive). I'm a huge fan of Washington, as you know, and there's always eastern Washington, which is a desert and has some great vinyards and festivals (like the Prosser Wine and Food Fair). And there's the Olympic Penninsula, which is gorgeous. And the rain forest.

    I've always wanted to go to Maine; I've heard autumn is to die for there! Overall, I see you outside collecting things and then in a lab with lots of computers to analyze them. I still see you programming, but I see a lot of nature coming into this equation.