Saturday, July 4, 2009

the netbook

All right, so by popular demand (aka Ed's comment :) ) here is some information about the netbook I bought.

First of all, I should tell you a little bit more about my general plan. Mostly, I want to build a really nice desktop system that will be used as my base, and as such I also want a super portable machine to take around with me. The super portable machine is where the netbook comes into play.

Luckily (insert sarcasm here) my Dell Latitude D620, which was one of the computers available on DePauw's laptop program back when I was a freshman (the other option was a MacBook, and I'm just not a Mac person) -- the laptop is "required", by the way -- was dying anyway. The Saturday I left for Russia, at about 10am, an hour before I left for the airport, the screen went black. Just went black, no warning, no nothing. I didn't have the time to deal with it then, so when I got back I tried to figure out what was wrong with it. Unfortunately for me I am not really an IT girl. Luckily my friend Andrew came over and connecting to my roommate's external desktop monitor magically worked. Hooray, it is a monitor problem.

Anyway, long story short, that gave me an awesome excuse to either buy the monitor I want for my desktop or to buy a netbook. I choose the netbook route because the monitor I am hoping to get is not going to fit in my backpack to take through security on the flight back to Indiana. Ha. But I will discuss that when I get back to school and build my machine :)

I did a bunch of research on the netbooks trying to find the best one. Pretty much the only two stores around here for computers are Best Buy and Fry's, so those were my options. I don't feel like ordering a computer and either having to have it shipped to Meryl's house or wait outside for the FedEx truck again, so it was definitely a matter of "what can I physically go get right now?".

Best Buy didn't have as many netbooks as I wanted them to have. But I did find one that I liked (it was my 2nd choice while researching, but my first choice came with Vista and I just couldn't do that to myself). Then BB didn't have any more in stock. Went to Fry's, they didn't have it at all (they only had 3 netbooks!). Second BB had it, finally. Hooray.

I bought an Asus Eee PC Netbook. So far I am pretty fond of it. I actually really wanted a tablet, but the "netvertible" I want is not available in the US yet (the Asus T91). If it becomes available at BB within the next 12 days, I will very likely return this one and buy that one.

Pros: Lightweight (it's like 2.4 lbs), has a built in webcam (whoaaa), the keyboard is great especially compared with the other books I tried out, the screen is bright and clear, it looks pretty, and it's just so small and cute.

Cons: Fingerprints show up REALLY EASILY which gets annoying fast, the touchpad is kind of weird and is taking me a while to get used to it, the screen is kind of small (10" is tiny after coming from a full size laptop), and I'm not so sure about the battery yet. Also the fan is kind of loud, although not as loud as my old laptop.

I'll keep you updated. I've actually never owned an Asus before (had two Toshiba laptops and this Dell one), and hopefully it'll be a better experience than the companies I've had in the past.

Here are a couple pictures:


  1. Yay for photos!

    1. I think your desktop shoud be called your command center and your netbook should be your portable SWAT Team.

    2. The same thing has happened with my D610, more fondly known as piece of shit, TWICE. It would go so dark, I couldn't see the screen except in really really bright light. Turns out my LCD screen needed replacing and thankfully it was under warrenty both times.

    3. Are you planning on putting Windows 7 on it? How big is the hard drive?

    It looks really pretty and I'm so excited for you!!

  2. 1. That is an awesome idea!

    2. That sucks, although I'm glad yours was still under warranty! Ugh, silly DePauw for screwing us completely with these laptops!

    3. I would love to put Windows 7 on it, although we'll see how it goes. The hard drive is 160gb, which seems huuuge compared with my 60gb Dell haha. Actually the hdd size on this baby doesn't really matter to me since I won't really be storing anything on it. The desktop command center will (hopefully) definitely be running Windows 7, although I really would like to have the system up before October, so we'll see how that goes. :)

  3. With the Window 7 Release Candidate you don't have to actually buy Windows 7 until next June. So you could put Windows 7 on your command center before October 22nd. Plus it's a really stable release!